Quality system ESB ROZVADĚČE, a.s.

Up until 2007, ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. was part of the Switchboards Division of the company Energetické strojírny Brno, a.s., both of which are companies with a longstanding tradition in power supply.

The company was founded in 1952 as a maintenance and repair center for the Czechoslovakian power engineering, to repair specified electrical components such as electric motors, transformers and generators, produce switchboards and machinery spare parts for steam powered and hydroelectric power plants, and provide assembly works to power and thermal generation plants.

ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. is fully established on its present production activity.

The principles of the quality management policies governing the company’s activities are:

The quality of products, range and quality of the services we provide to our customers, the level of negotiations with our commercial partners is the calling card of ESB Rozvaděče, a.s.

The main criterion of our work is the satisfaction of our customers. It is our duty to strengthen the confidence of the customers in ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. not only as a supplier but also as a reliable partner to help in solving their problems.

The needs of our customers must be satisfied through the supply of our reliable products and services by the required deadline.

Each delivered product should form a recommendation for further business opportunities.

Achievement of these objectives is determined by our resources, the internal organization of the company, the willingness to cooperate and the approach of each employee to the quality of their work.

The quality system is a documented aggregate of activities, responsibilities and procedures adopted for the purpose of quality management (Quality Manual, Quality Procedures) which involves not only the inspection of products but the control of all of the company’s activities.

By implementing the quality system we are able to prove the customer our capability to meet their requirements with the appropriate level of quality.

The implemented quality system is checked by internal audits.

Certification of the system by an independent certification organization acknowledges and verifies the quality management system.

The best warranty for the implementation of quality policy is a qualified and motivated workforce.

ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. interviews and evaluates their employees, allows personnel to participate in professional training and seminars, language courses, leading to good working conditions and a better working environment.

Done in Brno on the 3rd of November 2010

Ing. Alois Kaňa
Managing Direction


Systém řízení jakosti
Quality management (pdf, 410 kB)

ISO 9001

Czech Ship and Industrial Register

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Environmental management system (pdf, 410 kB)

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Systém řízení bezpečnosti a ochrany zdraví při práci
Occupational health and safety system (pdf, 410 kB)

OHSAS 18001

Czech Ship and Industrial Register

certification since 2005
Oprávnění pro svařování
Welding authorization (pdf, 750 kB)

EN ISO 3834-2

TDS Brno-SMS, s.r.o.

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Politika IMS
Politika IMS (pdf, 140 kB)

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