1952 - Establishment of the company Energetické strojírny Brno, n.p. by a governmental decree for the establishment of a repair center for Czechoslovakian Power Supply.

1952 – 1991 - Energetické strojírny Brno, n.p. as an part of the Czechoslovakian National Power Supply in the framework of ČEZ – production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

1992 - Formation of the joint-stock company Energetické strojírny Brno, a.s. in the framework of the privatization process.

2007 – Break up of Energetické strojírny Brno, a.s. and establishment of the new joint-stock company ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. on the 8th of October 2007.


  • The company wants to move towards the needs of its customers by constantly improving the quality of its activities and expanding the range of products and services.
  • Products, services and activities are an expression of the quality of work of the whole company.
  • The high quality of personnel (their skill, knowledge and motivation) is a decisive factor in how successful the whole company will be.
  • The company wants to be a preferred employer that respects the principles of the market economy in the formation of a corporate culture and building of partnerships with its customers and suppliers.