This type of switchboard is designed as a control device to operate and control switching elements installed in HC and MC power networks, such as circuit breakers, switch disconnectors, disconnectors, transformers etc., installed in 110 kV to 400 kV switching stations.

Technical description:

SO 80 and SO 100 external control switchboards

Switching and indication elements are installed on a pop-up panel in an external cabinet (push-buttons, indication lamps, state indicators) or other instruments that can be checked through a glassed window (Konex glass) in the outer doors. The instrument frame incorporates auxiliary instruments and terminal blocks. The two-sided cabinet made of 2 mm steel sheet and metallized with zinc from both the inner and outer side is finished with powder varnish to withstand external environments. All structure elements in the inside are galvanized. The door is sealed with profiled sealing and a three-point perch lock with a lift-bar-type door handle which also can be locked.

Cabinets of other dimensions can be manufactured on request, based on an agreement between the manufacturer and the customer.

Casing: IP 43, without ventilation IP 54


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