powder varnishing line

from GALATEK company

Powder varnishing

We have a powder coating line from GALATEK company - with the Power&Free conveyor from AL-NOC company. Powder application is possible in an automatic plastic SuperTech cabin with ten automatic guns and a controlling powder supercentre from Wagner, or in a manual stainless steel painting cabin from Galatek. The line allows painting of both simple flat enclosures and complex switch cabinets even with multi-layer painting.

In a quality five-stage pretreatment uses ferric phosphate for degreasing, with a double rinse with demineralising water and finished with a rinse passivation.

Maximum diameters of the varnished parts:

Length: 3000 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Width: 900 mm

Contact person

Tomáš Janíček

T +420 515 502 510
M +420 602 534 905
E tomas.janicek@esb-rozvadece.cz