Values ESB ROZVADĚČE, a.s.

The mission of ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. is to supply low current switchboards and locksmith components for both domestic and foreign electrical installation companies, with a regardful approach to the environment.

We intend to dominate the domestic market and cooperate with prominent global electrical engineering corporations to become their sought after partner.

We want to remain a competitive, technically advanced company with high quality products and services.

ESB Rozvaděče, a.s. can offer its business partners long-term cooperation based on constant improvement of services and mutual credibility.

In-house employment relations and the whole corporate culture are in place for the above-mentioned objectives. The management of the company recognizes the importance of qualified and stable personnel and aims to provide its personnel with the best possible working conditions. In order to motivate our employees we have a salary system, an educational program and also a whole range of other benefits e.g. holiday contributions, private pension contributions, canteen meals etc.